British Sociology Loves Pierre Bourdieu

BSA Bourdieu Study Group

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It seems British Sociology can’t get enough of Pierre Bourdieu! The British Sociological Association (BSA) held its annual conference this year (15-17th April 2015) at Glasgow Caledonian University. There were over 700 papers crossing 12 different themes, including medicine, methodology, ethnicity and migration, social divisions, education, theory, urban studies, religion and many more. The Bourdieu Study Group were lucky to have our own sub-stream this year in the education stream. In previous years we have also had the pleasure of working with the theory stream.

A simple content analysis of the book of abstracts revealed that Bourdieu was the most mentioned theorist overall and in particular outside the theory stream – perhaps explained by the special call for Bourdieusian papers and symposiums from the education stream. In fact, the Bourdieu Study Group saw more submissions of abstracts using Bourdieu this year than over the last four years that we…

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