Why the middle-classes are not as posh as they used to be

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

Walking through Buxton a couple of years ago, I passed the offices of the law firm set up by Tim Brooke-Taylor’s family. I couldn’t help wondering how many small town lawyers would be able to send their sons to Winchester nowadays. (I have random thoughts like that when I’m strolling along with nothing better to think about.) Not many would be my guess, given that boarding school fees have risen at a much faster rate than salaries over the past 30 years and Winchester is one of the most expensive.

Middle-class professionals have been complaining for some time that the the lifestyles their parents enjoyed are now beyond their means. Top end boarding schools, private health insurance and family-sized houses within a short commute to London are out of the reach of many people who grew up assuming such things were normal.

Earlier this week, the FT published an…

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