Christine Blower packing a punch over government plan to speed up academization with even less local democratic control over the process.


Year 12 students during physics class at the top school in the country, Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby, after the league tables for English schools was released today. The Conservatives want more schools to become academies – but will this improve the education system? (Picture: PA)

Ahead of the release of the government’s new Education Bill, education secretary Nicky Morgan has defended plans to turn more schools into academies, at a faster rate. Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, argues that the move will not benefit pupils.

The government’s drive to force yet more academies upon the education sector is another episode in a long saga of disregard for what parents, teachers and communities want.

A pledge to convert ‘up to 1,000’ schools is as irrational as it is impractical. Head teachers are already in short supply, so the promise to sack more of them will simply exacerbate the problem. Where does Nicky Morgan imagine that new teachers and heads will come from?

Nicky Morgan justifies this extended and accelerated privatisation of our school system by…

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