I’m a third year PhD student in the Geography Department at King’s College London. My research examines how urban inequalities of class and ethnicity affect young people’s educational trajectories in London and Sheffield. This involves interviews with sixth-form students across 9 schools and colleges and an analysis of school census data showing student trajectories from aged 7 to entry to university. Using this data, I explore how individual trajectories form collective patterns, or circuits of education, according to social class and ethnicity depending on neighbourhood and school in provincial and metropolitan contexts. There is a longer summary of my research, including conference presentations and teaching experience available on my academia page – http://bit.ly/SGamsuAcad.

The title of this blog is a reflection of my research interests, which lie at the interface of residential segregation and urban history, patterns and processes of social class formation and educational inequality. This is a space for initial findings, tentative analyses and politics. I am also interested in experimenting with different ways of visualizing educational data, so some of the posts will show provisional visualizations.

As well as this academic function, this blog will also sometimes provide an outlet for my political interests in my area of research and also in more specific politics of higher education. Throughout my time as a student I have been active in various campaigns on campus, in relation to tuition fees and living wage campaigns in particular. Universities are not simply a sacred space for detached academic work but are themselves embroiled in a politics which must be acknowledged and contested.


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